Common Credit Card Questions People Wonder About: Part 3

In part 1 and part 2 of Common Credit Card Questions People Wonder About, we covered various topics ranging from cosigning and interest fees to annual fees and debt elimination. In the final installment, we’re going to cover three more issues people wonder about. Is it a good idea to carry a balance?  You should […]

Common Credit Card Questions People Wonder About: Part 2

The internet is full of information about credit cards, yet people still wonder what the best choice is for them. In Part 1 of Common Credit Card Questions People Wonder About, we went over whether card holders should close out accounts or ditch cards with annual fees. In part 2, we’ll cover more questions people […]

Common Credit Card Questions People Wonder About: Part 1

No matter how much information is out there about credit cards, there still seems to be many unanswered questions people have about them. Here are 3 common credit card questions people wonder about:      Should I get a card with an annual fee? – Because there are so many awesome fee-free credit cards on the […]

Here’s Why You May Only Need Two Kinds Of Credit Cards

Wondering how many credit cards you should have? Well, that depends on who you ask. Some financial experts say zero….as in none. Others say as many as you can handle. However, the question may not be how many you can handle, but more so what kinds of cards you should carry. Co-founder of, Adam […]

Best Lowest Interest Rate Credit Cards

Everyone wants a low interest rate credit card. Unfortunately, everyone won’t qualify for one. If you want to try your luck and apply for one anyway, here are the best credit cards offered in America this month, according to Even though the better your credit, the stronger your chances are of being approved for […]

What Is Your Credit Card Terms & Conditions Really Saying

When you’re ready to apply for a new credit card, keep in mind the terms and conditions. Read through them carefully. By doing so, you ensure that you are aware of all the following: Introductory rates – These are rates offered by the company and will go up after the introductory period is over. Annual […]

Cons to Getting Department Store Credit Cards: Part 2

If you’ve been thinking about getting a department store card, be careful. Although there are advantages to having them, there are disadvantages as well. In part one, we covered the high interest rates and limited use of store cards. Now, we’re going to cover a couple of more disadvantages that you should be aware of. […]

Cons to Getting Department Store Credit Cards: Part 1

When you go into a store, it’s not uncommon to get an offer for their store card. In fact, they make big money off of this method. But, before you grab one there are some things you should be aware of. In part one of “Cons to Getting Department Store Credit Cards”, you’ll see some […]

Pros To Getting Store Credit Cards

If you’ve ever gone into a department store before, more than likely you’ve been invited to apply for a credit card. Credit cards are very lucrative for retailers, which is why they offer them nearly every time you go. Here are some perks and pros to getting a store credit card: Zero Percent Financing: Some […]

Ways To Be A Successful Credit Card Owner – Part 2

In Part 1 on how to be a successful credit card owner, we covered the importance of using credit cards like cash and making automatic payments. Now, let’s check out two more great ways to ensure that you are a successful credit card owner. These are not only just great tips; they are also obvious […]